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Fur brand Natesse

Internet fur store and fur laboratory of Natesse

Our Internet atelier and online store of fur garments is a website of Natesse fur studio directed by Natalia Bernatskaya.

Our advantages include short delivery terms (5-7 days to any country worldwide), easy payment terms (we accept PayPal, etc.) and custom-tailoring of fur garments (we can produce for you any model of fur coat, vest, jacket, cape, etc. according to your measurements and preferences).

Fur atelier Natesse - we work with all actual types of real fur. The main emphasis is on the products of luxury fur - our catalogue offers fur coats and jackets made of sable, chinchilla, stone and pine martens, swakara, lynx, mink, silver and blue fox, Tibetan lamb and yak.

In addition to fashionable fur coats, we also offer a wide model range of stylish vests, jackets,  capes and other types of outerwear.
In our production, we use the best selected fur delivered from all fur auctions - we respect our customers and we are ready to do our best for their satisfaction. Our fur catalogue, including all the fur collections from the previous years, counts over six hundred models of gorgeous fashionable works of "soft gold". Moreover, annually our range of fur products grows by some 50-70 new models. By the way, to further emphasize slim waist of our female customers, we offer a wide range of natural real leather belts sashes corsettes of various models, colors and types of leather. Width of leather belts ranges from 6 to 25 centimeters, colors ranging from white to black, including grey, all hues of brown, cappuchino, etc.
We work with the whole world - offering the breadth of the range and the ability to deliver the product safely to any country. Since 1997, hundreds of fur fans all over the world have become our returning customers, not only buying ready-made fur garments from us, but also ordering custom-tailored fur pieces, thus making their fur dreams come true. The countries with most active customers include, first of all, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our online store of fur coats offers favorable and very affordable prices for all types of fur. You can buy fur coats and other fur products at the manufacturer's price.
It's also worth mentioning about our service - custom tailoring of fur coats and other fur products. Thanks to high level of expertise and vast experience of our professionals in fur production, we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers from overseas, offering them distant custom-tailoring without try-ons. For execution of such a distant custom order, we need just a list of customer's measurements, along with a photo of a desired model, as well as a photo depicting customer's figure. Any one can easily measure himself and come up with his/her own measurements for custom-tailoring, after watching our youtube video. All the details of the model ordered are discussed with the client over the phone or by means of viber/whatsapp. A number of returning customers have had some very valuable and expensive luxury fur garments, such as full-length Russian Barguzin Barguzinskiy sable fur coats, and Chinchilla fur coats, produced for them remotely and then delivered to their homes by our company. Oh, let's not forget several stylish models of knee-length lynx fur coats and Swakara Persian Lamb broadtail fur jackets and coats. So far, the most expensive luxurious piece of fur outerwear ever produced to order by our company cost $25,000. It was a state-of-the-art floor-length Tortora sable fur coat with a huge double-side hood.

In our work, we are guided by the fashion trends and preferences of our customers. To keep up with fur fashion, our designers attend world's biggest fur fairs and exhibitions, as well as fashion shows of famous couturier in Milan, New York, London, Hong Kong, Athens, etc. So, for us the most important thing is to show, emphasize feminine beauty. In our opinion, no wardrobe item adds to the image of a woman so much grandeur and luxury, as natural fur garments.

We also offer author's designer natural-gem jewelryThis is another branch of specialization, but it seamlessly fits into the compelling image created by fur products. Our designers have taken care, so that the accessories look harmonious in combination with fur, moreover, they are designed to emphasize and complement the fur coats and other fur garments. However, as an independent decoration, natural-gem jewelry look just as spectacular.

We make all of your fur dreams come true!

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