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Spring-fall season cashmere coats with fur.

We are a producer of natural-fur garments. We sell our ready-made articles and we also can produce any model of fur garment for you according to your measurements. We will deliver your order to any country within 5-7 days.

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Cashmere coats are a fine variant of clothes for cool days in spring and autumn in many countries of the world. Our designers have prepared a pleasant surprise for lovers of such coats, having adorned them with natural fur. On the next few pages of our site you will see different variations of a cashmere coat in terms of style, color, appearance of the fur complementing cashmere.In the same section with cashmere, we also included Persian lamb broadtail coats, because, in our opinion, they are somewhat similar, for cashmere and broadtail pelts skins both are natural materials very lightweight and pleasant to the touch that ensure the slimness of the silhouette of the product. The creators of this collection gave preference to light colors, which always bring brightness to monotonous everyday life and will cheer you up on cloudy days.Cashmere is a material made from fuzz of a mountain goat. This fluff is manually combed by a comb from under the goat's fur at the end of a cold winter, when the goat no longer needs it. This process has not been automated for a long time and is still done manually. High-quality, and at the same time expensive, cashmere is more gentle to the touch than silk and at the same time warmer than wool, and is exported mainly from China and Mongolia.It does not cause allergies and perfectly withstand dry cleaning, at that. For many consumer qualities, cashmere surpasses angora and mohair, since it does not shed hair, and surpasses silk - because it does not "roll". Lower-quality (more coarse, dirty and dark), and thus cheaper cashmere comes from Afghanistan, Iran, India. This is a mass-production material, which is a mixture of 40-50% cashmere with other additives, to reduce the cost of material.Only some Italian and Scottish brands offer products made of a very expensive 100% cashmere, And Italians have lower prices, at that. In this diverse collection, you will also find several models of knitted woolen cardigans combined with long-haired exotic furs, such as Tibet lamb and yak. Choose any of the options offered, and your uniqueness is guaranteed! No one in your entire city will have a similar outfit! Have not found the ideal model for yourself in the catalog of fur coats, winter jackets with fur and fur vests? Your size is not available? For such cases, a fur studio is intended, and a large number of reviews are collected for you here on the site. We have exactly what you have been looking for all this time!

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