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Ladies' real fur stoles capes.

We are a producer of natural-fur garments. We sell our ready-made articles and we also can produce any model of fur garment for you according to your measurements. We will deliver your order to any country within 5-7 days.

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Fur stoles, necklets, tippets, neckpieces, capes for you to wear on your shoulders are designed to make the evening outfit more elegant and original. Natesse online fur store offers fur capes made of mink, sable, chinchilla, marten, silver fox, blue fox and red fox.Fur capes and stoles are in demand in USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Syria, Palestina, Turkey, Lebanon, England, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and worldwide for those women of fashion, i.e. fashionistas who like to spend evenings at the theater, at a social reception, or at formal receptions at the embassy, or at a wedding ceremony - in short, those who adore shining in society with their impeccable, well-thought-out attire. Fur capes differ widely in shape and have different names: tippets, pelerines, stoles, boas, etc. Our designers create all sorts of fur capes making those from various furs, such as silver fox, red fox both natural and dyed in different colors, from white polar fox and Golden red fox, from sable and marten, i.e. from whatever fur our buyers wish such capes to be made. We are this rare type of manufacturer who does not limit its production range to fur coats and fur vests. We can offer you at the moment about 30 models of capes made of different types of fur, as well as custom-production of whatever you need.Stay up to date with the latest products at Natesse's online store! And every summer, like all sellers of fur products, we announce a season of discounts. Hurry up to take advantage of the discounts for our products in the first two months of the summer! The number of promotional items is limited!

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