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Handmade fur collars.

We are a producer of natural-fur garments. We sell our ready-made articles and we also can produce any model of fur garment for you according to your measurements. We will deliver your order to any country within 5-7 days.

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Today, as in the old days, the majestic fashion dictates its rules to everyone. The rules of how to dress oneself stylish. Of course, there are absolutely unsuccessful decisions that have not reached the masses. But the vast majority of people, with pleasure follows this or that trend. Modern trends are asked to pay attention to fur, and proclaim it a trend material for creating a unique and memorable image. It serves as an inspiration for designers who seek to use it in the most unexpected ways. Previously, fur products were represented only by fur coats. Nowadays, fur is used as a basis for creating various accessories.Why buy a fur collar? A real standard of style and inexplicable charm - fur, can create wonders of the world. Collars of fur can turn an ordinary-looking jacket into a real work of art. Your image will change dramatically, it will be inspired by chic and tenderness. Such accessories are considered a real work of art. Why? And the fact is that they, just like a beautiful picture or a melody, give positive emotions and are banal - inspiration. Inspiration in order to experiment with your image, bringing to it style and sophistication with the help of natural fur collars.

Ladies' fur collar

it is it a tribute to fashion or is it a real necessity?Fashion for fur is always relevant, but slightly unpredictable. Real fur collars are out of time and space. Such an accessory can easily supplement your everyday image, introducing a kind of "zest", which is sure to be remembered by others. The fur lab "NATESSE" offers you to become a queen with the help of our unique, and most importantly - natural products. The choice includes collars of sable, chinchilla, lynx, silver fox, red fox and polar fox fur, and mink. Depending on your wardrobe, you can buy a beautiful collar of gilded fox or vice versa, choose a dark version - a fur collar made of arctic black, painted. Classic collar shapes never go out of fashion.For example, a fur collar shawl will add tenderness to your image, and will keep you warm in any weather. This option is great for various outfits: from everyday jeans and sweaters, to an elegant evening dress - you will always be superior! To become the owner of such beauty, study carefully our collection, and feel free to order the female fur collar of your choice!

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