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Winter jackets made of real fur combined with natural leather.

We are a producer of natural-fur garments. We sell our ready-made articles and we also can produce any model of fur garment for you according to your measurements. We will deliver your order to any country within 5-7 days.

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Here we suggest you get familiar with our choice of of our fur and leather products, namely with winter fur jackets. The main material of manufacture is, of course, fur, and genuine leather serves as a complement. For example, in our winter jackets, sleeves either completely or partially (cuffs, or quarter or half of the sleeve) are made of leather. The torso, as a rule, is made of fur, for example, red or blue fox, silver fox, raccoon, Tibetan lamb, yak, etc. An excellent addition to winter jackets with fur torso is the natural leather belts-corsettes, sashes and narrow straps of our manufacture. There are also 2 exceptions, when a winter jacket consists of a leather torso and fur sleeves. Most models of jackets are designed as convertible - the sleeves are detached and the jacket turns into a vest. Thus, buying a winter jacket from us, you get 2 items in one - actually a jacket and a fur vest. The sleeves of the jackets, by the way, are attached with the help of a zipper. Thus, if in autumn or winter it get much warmer in the street, then in 5 minutes you will get a warm waistcoat from a jacket for wearing in the street or in the office. To get two different products, you pay just for one! All the models in this collection are brand-new, being the fruit of the imagination of our talented designers. All products are made according to well thought-out patterns, taking into account all the features and proportions of the female body, and therefore they fit well on the figures of our clients. Also a very good option for outerwear for autumn and warm winter are cashmere coats, where cashmere constitutes the base of the product, and fur is additional material. In the section with cashmere, there are also several designer knitted cardigans with fur, invented by our fashion designers. In any of these models, you will look original and on-of-a-kind. All products are made entirely of natural materials, radiating a pleasant harmony to the body. An addition to woman's dress warming and adorning her on cool evenings will be the fur capes, stoles, pelerines produces by our company. Serving this purpose for coats and jackets, are removable fur collars. Whether it's collars of silver fox fur, or red or blue fox fur, they are simply adorable and cost $200-$500. In the near future, we will expand our collection of fur collars. Soon there will be models from more chic and spectacular types of fur in the higher price segment. Feedback from our customers from different countries of the world will make complete your impression of our fur company, online store and fur lab.

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