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Best selected fur pelts for outerwear.

We are a producer of natural-fur garments. We sell our ready-made articles and we also can produce any model of fur garment for you according to your measurements. We will deliver your order to any country within 5-7 days.

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Here you can select and buy fur skins of almost any fur-bearing animal. Broadtail Persian Lamb fur skins are presented in our online store, as well as in our fur show-rooms, in a large assortment: beige, light brown, dark brown (bitter chocolate color), common gray Afghan, and even a very rare dark gray Afghan broadtail, and finally, the super rare skins of Persian Lamb color antique. All the skins are sorted by shade into sets, selected for sewing the perfect fur product: thin, soft and very light, almost weightless! Whether it will be a skirt suit, a fur coat, or a fur coat from Karakul - you will not even feel its weight on your shoulders! Also you can buy in our store furs skins of forest and stone marten. We will send you even several skins for your collar, or 20 skins for a waistcoat, or even 70 skins for a long fur coat! Call us right now! We also sell skins pelts of sable of various price categories: from light color non-silvery fur to silvery dark brown Barguzin. Naturally, the most expensive are the skins of the Barguzin Barguzinskiy sable. Moreover, anyone who wants. can easily buy in our online store the selected chinchilla fur skins pelts hides, that comply with the fur standard which makes them the most suitable for production of fur garments. We have everything, as in Greece! Even the skins of a lynx, whose fur is very rare, because this species is listed in the Red Book. Therefore, the hunting of this animal is severely restricted. Sure at any time (even if not indicated on the site) we have for you mink skins pelts hides of various natural colors from light, such as pearl, palomino, crushed ice, white, sapphire blue, pastel, nut, to dark colors such as iris , Gray, mahogany, scanbrown, black, etc. Also there is dyed mink of different colors. There is a European, that is, the Danish, Dutch, Polish, Baltic, and the American mink, such as BlackGlama, blackNAFA, American Legend, etc. Available is also exotic fur, for example skins of the Tibetan Lamb, which come in the form of plates about 60 cm by 120 cm in size. Since the Tibet Lamb is a rather bulky fur, the fur coats and vests made of this fur are made of strips. Therefore, often one plate is enough for a short waistcoat of a small size. Of course, on sale we have skins of Finnish Finn long-haired silver fox (the length of the nap reaches 11-12 cm), as well as the fur of ordinary silver fox (the length of the nap is 6-8 cm). Also you can buy from us Finnish blue fox skins (very dense thick fur With a chic underwool and uniform height of a nap ) and pelts hided of Polish blue fox. In any case, on order we will find you any fur within 2-3 days.

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